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O.C.D. Interior Reconditioning

A phenomenal interior service for an all-in-one!

Starting from $290 - $390+

12 - 16+ Hours

Protocol - This service begins with compressed air, dislodging any dirt or dust trapped in cracks and crevices. From there, the floor mats are removed, shampooed, and conditioned. The vehicle's carpeting will be thoroughly vacuumed and shampooed. The seats will be removed (if need be), and if they are fabric, will be shampooed via hot water extraction; or if leather, will be intricately cleaned, conditioned, and protected. From here, the door panels, door sill, door trim, steering wheel, dash, and center console will all be sprayed with an All-Purpose Cleaner and steam cleaned. A UV-protectant will then be applied to all areas listed above, with the steering wheel receiving a specialized UV-protectant that leaves a non-slick, non-greasy finish (understandably-so, due to safety precautions). The interior glass, windows: rearview mirror, sun visor mirror(s), etc. will be cleaned and disinfected. Lastly, the interior will receive an Ozone treatment; a powerful sterilizer which kills lingering bacteria, viruses, molds, and odors.

* Please note there may be times where not all stains or discoloration can be fully extracted from carpeting, upholstery, or fabric. Unfortunately, sometimes it is beyond our ability to fully remove damage that is caused by stains, or damage that is caused by other means. Additionally, should there be any staining on the headliner that you would like addressed, please be sure to communicate that, as reconditioning headliners can be a more delicate and timely process. And in doing so, will incur additional fees, as well as time to-be added onto the detail. Please note that unless otherwise specified, headliners will not be reconditioned or extracted of said stains.

** If specifying for smoke odor removal, please understand that will incur an additional $200 fee and add a minimum of 8 hours to the detail; 1 full workday.

2-Door Cars / Sedans / Subcompact Vehicles
(i.e. Mazda Miata, Mazda-6, CX-3)

Starting from $290 at a minimum of 12 hours

Mid-Size / Single Cab Trucks / Small SUV’s
(i.e. Toyota Tacoma, RAV4)

Starting from $340 at a minimum of 14 hours

Full-Size / Heavy-Duty Trucks / Large SUV’s
(i.e. RAM 1500/2500/3500, Jeep Grand Wagoneer)

Starting from $390+ at a minimum of 16 hours

Briefing of Service:

  • Blow out vehicle

  • Thorough vacuum, dirt extraction / spot removal

  • Clean, disinfect surfaces, windows

  • Apply UV-protectant where applicable

  • Clean, Treat, Condition Leather / Upholstery

  • Ozone treatment to kill lingering bacteria

Make Your Vehicle More Valuable! 

Increase your vehicle's value with the premium Auto Reconditioning services of OC Detailing Pro, located in Topsham, Maine!

We offer premium services, such as scratch and swirl removal, clear coat / paint correction, headlight restoration, and Ceramic coating protection; all at rates friendly to your budget. Read through our services to learn more about what we offer!

  • Waxing

  • Clay Bar Treatment

  • Ceramic Coating Protection

  • Paint Correction

  • Headlight Restoration

  • Premium Snow Foam Wash

  • Glaze Sealant

  • Steam Cleaning

  • Interior & Exterior Detailing

*Estimated time and price depend on the level of contamination. More contamination equates to more time, which may be subject to a higher on-the-spot price. To provide you with a closer estimate, we ask to see the vehicle in person. If requesting a quote via E-mail, please include the following information: Year, Make, Model, issue(s) to-be resolved, and pictures of the damaged area(s) that you want addressed. Please ensure that the pictures are not blurry and are noticeably clear. If the flash needs to be used, please do so approximately 12 - 14 inches away from the damaged area(s), if able.

If the vehicle is dropped off and we are unable to consult in person, we will attempt to contact you to discuss what the reconditioning service will cost. Pricing may also vary depending on the size and overall condition of the vehicle. As a courtesy, we ask that cancellations be done within 12 hours of the scheduled appointment.

All Services require an appointment. However, all Services over $150 require that a secured deposit of $100 has been successfully processed prior to the appointment, with the remaining balance due at the time of vehicle pick-up or drop off.


We accept the following forms of payment:

cash, check*, Venmo, PayPal, and all major credit cards through Square's Point-Of-Sale, reader.

*A $25 fee will be assessed to the addresser if the check does not clear.

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