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Your Go-To Auto Detailing Shop

Offering reliable services at cost-effective rates!

About Us

OC Detailing Pro is a trusted vehicle detailing shop, located in Topsham, Maine. Your local expert, a professional in the industry, has been passionate about detailing and reconditioning vehicles for more than 20 years! Prior to launching his business, he took a Master Detailing Course. While attending, he achieved his professional certification among the top in his class! Now, through his business, his objective is to provide reliable, top-tier professional services to all who seek them!

High-Quality Products

OC Detailing Pro offers some of the best products in the industry to detail your vehicle. From general cleaning solvents, leather serum and upholstery shampoo's, carpet cleaning solvents, to paint correction compounds and polishes, to Ceramic coatings. We don't skimp on quality. We want you to feel confident in the products we use on your vehicle. And we believe we have those top-quality products to best serve you!


Our Promise

We don't just wash your car. We're here to offer a thorough interior & exterior auto detailing service in order to help make your vehicle look as new as possible. That's what auto detailing is all about, keeping dedication and attention to detail at the forefront of our work process. We guarantee that your vehicle will look just as good, if not better, than the day you drove it off the lot!


Why Choose Us?

From interior reconditioning to paint correction and Ceramic coatings, we can handle all of your detailing needs. We are committed to providing a stress-free auto detailing and reconditioning service by paying attention to every detail and keeping our integrity intact. We're fascinated by what we do and take pride in all aspects of our trade.


Learn More About Caleb, the OC Detailing Pro!

I am a professionally certified Automotive Reconditioning Technician who offers premium services, such as scratch and swirl removal, clear coat / paint correction, headlight restoration, and Ceramic coating protection.

Through years prior to the founding of OC Detailing Pro L.L.C., I have been known for quality service, exceptional efficiency, and the highest level of professionalism. No matter what reconditioning service you are looking for, I strive to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. I am up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience that our clients have come to expect. I offer great support, competitive pricing per quality of service, lifetime guarantees, and can even add Ceramic protection to your vehicle’s existing CARFAX report!


To learn more about my company and the services I provide, please feel free to send me an E-mail. I look forward to hearing from you!

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